The Angry Man

19 Sep

He sees me across the room and  yells at me, demanding I  come closer.  I ask him to please be patient  – I’m  still getting his  food ready.  This is  in no way good enough for him so he  lets out a  shriek and hits the table  a few times – really showing  he will  not calmly wait  for me.

I’m finally finished with his food and walk over to him.  He  starts to head bob and dance in his  seat and makes a noise  that sounds like a monkey.  I  smile and let him know  yummy sweet potatoes and  bananas are about to be in his belly.  At first I get a few spoonfuls in  easily – then the  adventure  begins.

He  decides it’s going to be a blast to  try and  swat the spoon out of my hand and scream at me with a huge smile on his face.  After  wiping up several  spots of splattered food on the floor, table and wall,  I  decide  this  is not going to cut it.

This is where I get worried I’m doing some kind of serious damage but what choice do I have – the boy’s gotta eat and we’re not getting anywhere with him smacking spoonfuls around the dining room.  I’m forced to hold one of his arms while I move the spoon toward his mouth.  It’s the only way I can feed him!  I’m in no way hurting him or anything – just merely making sure that violent right hook doesn’t make a connection!

My angry man.  He’s so much fun.  For the most part he’s an extremely happy baby.  He’s super quick to giggle (especially when his big sister is around) and is always flashing a smile at the ladies.  I mean even when he’s throwing a fit he seems to be enjoying it on some level. That’s what concerns me.

He’s only almost 9 months and he is so tough and active.  He seems to love smacking me in the face.  When Nia did that I would take her hand and rub the side of my face and say “nice.”  I’ve tried that with the boy – ha.  He tries to grab any of my skin he can and gives me a huge smile while he practically rips off my cheek.

At this age, Nia wasn’t even thinking about moving.  Nate is practically walking and he crawls with such determination and speed.  It’s a riot.  Andrew pointed out that when he wants something on the other side of the room he puts his head down and takes off, making a grunt sound every time his hand hits the floor.

What a character.  Although I’m worried that I’m going to have to say things to him like, “no punching the stuffed/real animal” and “no throwing spaghetti noodles on the wall,” I cannot wait to see how his personality develops. From the tender moments when he puts his head on my shoulder and pats my arm, to the temper moments when he throws the toys I give him to try and calm him down – I know he’s going to be such a sweet and loving – but also angry – man.

So Tough


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