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Nate Strut

18 Apr

Maybe it’s because he sees his daddy in a blazer and tie each Sunday. Maybe it’s because he wants a break from his fast pants. Maybe it’s because he just likes to be dapper. Whatever the reason, Nate wants to wear his little clip-on tie whenever he can and has been asking for his own blazer for weeks now.

Well, we finally bought him one this weekend and he couldn’t wait to wear it. He didn’t want to take it off after trying it on and then negotiated to wear it home from the store.

As soon as he buttoned it, he began to strut. Oh yeah. He knew he was lookin’ good. He was feeling it. I can’t help but think of the John Travolta movie and Bee Gee’s song “Staying Alive” when looking at these pictures. At the end of the movie, Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, says he wants to strut and then the song plays.

Our little ladies’ man.


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Can’t buy holiday greetings like this

14 Dec

The kids signed their holiday cards tonight and their artwork featured many popular festive sights, plus a few that brought out a giggle or two. I couldn’t help but chuckle at “Santa’s Leg.” Nia laughed too and insisted it was supposed to be Santa sneaking around to deliver toys. (Until she finally admitted she tried to draw a stocking but messed up. From there, Santa’s Leg was born.)


Tiny snowman in window scene


She loves the rounder reindeer scene


It's a Spiderman Christmas scene by Nate


Sweet wishes scene


It's a stocking scene


This is Santa's leg and boot. You see it, right?


I love the duck in her D

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Sole Offense

3 Nov

I am not worthy of my shoe selection for I am guilty of shoe abuse and neglect.

I don’t deserve the shoe rack Andrew built for my fancy footwear. Instead of putting my pumps, sneaks and sandals away to be safely and neatly stored on the shelves, this (regretfully) is how I treat them:


Cuddled up on the bedroom floor


Dumped downstairs with a few of Nia's


Vacancies on the shoe rack

I must change my ways. I sentence myself to routine and proper care/keep of my shoes and maybe I’ll be rewarded for good behavior – say with new shoes?

Better Than Turbo Jets

29 Aug

What happens when you take 100% polyester shorts and put them on an incredibly intense four-year-old? You get speed you would not expect to come from such a small body. (Go to about :30 in to see him take off.)

Nate dubs them his “fast pants” because he believes they help him run faster. He wants to wear them everywhere. We’ve even planned for it – buying one pair for almost every day of the week –

Assortment of Fast Pants

I tell him his shorts aren’t what makes him fast but he won’t hear it. Probably because he doesn’t stand still long enough for me to explain it to him.

Does this scrunchie go with my outfit?

13 Jul

What? What do you mean it’s not fashionable to sport scrunchies anymore? Well, I guess that’s good info to know. I likely won’t respect that rule though.

I think I’m just too darn lazy to be a fashionista or concerned with the latest styles. It’s something I’ve come to realize as I experience more situations that call for me to make vital fashion decisions.

For example:

  • My idea of getting dolled up is attempting to wear some eyeliner and remembering to don some of that costume jewelry I have thanks to my mom and sister.
  • I’d also rather not subscribe to fashion magazines because I don’t want to know how many faux-pas and don’ts I’m committing.
  • I don’t just fail at clothes and jewelry though. I’ve never used the most feminine “grooming” products.  (Some cringe when I tell them I use the cheapo razors to shave my legs. Add the fact that I rarely use shaving cream and they think I’m barbaric.)
  • I don’t take care of the hair on my head like I should either. It is never trimmed within the range of fashionably acceptable.
  • I’ve had the same makeup for months (it’s years for lipstick). I’ve never followed the rule of replacing makeup every so often. In fact, how often am I supposed to replace it?
  • As for nail makeup, I rarely remove my toenail polish to apply a fresh coat. Nope. I just try to fill in the chips. Like I said, lazy.

When I think about it though, I guess I’m not as lazy as I think. Being lazy didn’t contribute to my favorite article of clothing – my holy jeans. I had to work to make all those holes. That’s a style I’m proud to wear.

Hiding the Grays

19 May

Today I fired a shot at the grays. My hair is now glowing with highlights.

The Enemy is Hiding Within

I actually really like it.  I just better not spot any gray hairs in the mix of color!

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