My Last Tuesday

15 Nov

(You guessed it – I plan to do one for each day this week until my very last day at WSAV!)

Today was an extremely typical day at the station.  I put together what I thought was a pretty decent newscast and then it became a race to get it all finished and a task to turn certain scripts into halfway ok stories for air.

BLAH.  I just cannot understand why reporters tell me their scripts are finished and I’m supposed to check them when they are a bunch of CRAP.  They don’t have any of their graphics in – they don’t have their commands correct and more importantly they don’t even attempt to make the story interesting or write it in a way to let certain viewers know why the heck they should even care!

I’m just so tired of it all and can’t wait to be finished.  I just need a break from the tv news biz – I need some time to remember why I even wanted to do what I do and I want to work with a GROUP of people that inspire and impress me again.  People who worked with you when you wanted to try something creative.

Don’t get me wrong – there are a few reporters there who I really enjoy working with and watching their stories – but the others – they just make me exhausted.  Sometimes my brain actually hurts.  In fact – you know how I was worried about being a full time mom – working at WSAV I feel like I already am – and not in the loving, let me kiss your boo-boo when you get hurt sense – but in the sense that “I’m going to put you in time out if you don’t stop complaining about which photographer you’re with or wah-wahing about who’s in what edit bay or rolling your eyes because you really don’t want to do that story.”

This last Tuesday really made me count the days I have left there – so imagine my disappointment when I remembered it wasn’t Wednesday like I thought it had been.

One Response to “My Last Tuesday”

  1. Anna November 15, 2006 at 4:13 pm #

    Just wait until there's a major weather event or an election… and you don't have to work it! The first time it snowed here after I quit my job in television, I was ecstatic. I did what everybody else did: I watched movies and drank hot chocolate and didn't even know that the four local stations were going wall-to-wall with coverage!
    I, too, was always frustrated with the reporters who tried to weasel
    out of stories and purposefully made them fall through because they
    didn't like the stories that they were assigned. Believe me- you'll
    start to forget their names. There are only a few I actually remember
    and that's because they were either really great to work with (Ginger,
    Dave K.) or they were a constant nightmare (I bet you can figure out
    who I'm talking about).On a side note– congratulations! I remember when you started out as a shy producer but then you really found your footing and totally rocked that place. Once you're gone, they're going to realize they didn't appreciate how much you made everybody's jobs easier because you knew what you were doing. They WILL realize it and it'll feel good when you hear someone say, "Oh my God, it sucks here without you!"

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