Look Ma, No Parachute!

20 Feb

DISCLAIMER: No children were hurt in the making of this blog memory.

Couch Diving

He’s only been walking on the earth for about 4 months yet he already loves to couch dive.  As a mom it is probably the most scary thing I’ve seen him enjoy – as Nicole the crazy lady, it’s pretty funny.

Here’s how I think Nate found out he loves to couch dive:

One day he was just chilling on the sofa when he decided to try and stand up.  He then began to boing, boing, boing his little body back and forth across the couch until eventually he didn’t boing anymore but more like plopped.  Andrew was (of course) there to catch him and I think that’s what’s fed his need to couch dive ever since.  He knows Andrew will be there to catch him and we’ll always make that “wooh” sound when he takes the step over the edge.  (The “wooh” sound is the sound of the breath being taken from my body right before my heart stops in fear that he’s going to hit the floor.)  The sound that comes from Nate as it’s all happening is excited laughter and forget about trying to get him to stop – as soon as Andrew has him in his arms Nate is pushing to get out of them and struggling to climb back on the couch.

I just thought I have at least a few more years until the need to jump off things happened. I’m still trying to keep up with him trying to eat non-edibles and bang his head off things!

Before the Jump

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