I Feel So Violated

19 Mar

I just can’t even believe this. How long did we live in Savannah?  A city considered to be a “high-crime” area?  NOTHING ever happened to us there.  It happened to people we knew but never to us.  Now though – we live in a small town with hardly any crime where EVERYONE is super nice and friendly and our car gets broken into while its parked in our driveway.

Apparently it happened to a lot of our neighbors.  Ours happened right under our little girl’s bedroom window.  Our big ass dog didn’t even bark.  He barks at a bird farting but not at someone breaking into Andrew’s SUV.  The SUVs alarm didn’t even go off.  Those jerks got in and then tossed stuff everywhere – you know shopping around for what they wanted to take that didn’t belong to them.

They took a keyboard he had from work and two computer cables he had for his work laptop but nothing else.  They passed up the season 4 box set of “Seinfeld” (what you don’t like to laugh jerks?) and all of Andrew’s CD’s (don’t like his taste in music?)  his Oakley sunglasses (I hope the sun damages your eyes) his radar detector (what you don’t break the law to speed?) they even left some money he had in there (apparently money isn’t worth the effort).  I understand that they took what they did because it’s probably the best thing for them them to make money off of – but why not take the rest too?  I mean, you’re already in there and I’m sure you’ll get a few bucks from some of the other stuff – especially the actual money!  It’s not that I wanted them to take all of it – I’m just trying to better understand what they did.

I just feel so violated and pissed.  I can’t even imagine how people get through something bigger than this – like a stolen car or a burglarized house or rape or armed robbery.  I feel so powerless and I just want to get back at them.  I wish we could have caught them in the act – I’m not sure how it would of all went down but I’m sure it would have surprised them and I would love to know who did this.  Just to see their faces and ask them why.  Do they get kicks out of it? Do they desperately need the money?

I know I’m probably making something bigger of this than it needs to be but I can’t help it right now.  I’m still reacting to the fact that it happened and I’m just so angry because I never thought it could happen here.  (Which is my own naive fault.) It also makes me scared because if they did that what else will they do?  Try to get in the house next?  Hopefully then that big ass dog of ours will step up and show those sharp teeth of his.  I know I certainly will.

3 Responses to “I Feel So Violated”

  1. the real ~Roxann~ March 19, 2007 at 3:03 pm #

    I'm so sorry, Nikki and Andrew! This is so terrible. It IS a big deal, Nikki, so don't feel bad for how you feel! I would be furious.
    How bad is the damage to the SUV?

  2. Scoop March 19, 2007 at 4:30 pm #

    You have every right to be pissed off! Brian's jeep was broken into a couple years ago and they took his $50 stereo and left $2 in the ashtray – like a bad joke. The worst part was the damage done to his $2,000 soft top on the damn car. I remember feeling like we had been physically assaulted because it was so close to our window too. It is a horrible feeling and all I can say is you will feel better with time, but will always wonder if it could happen again. I want to beat them up for you too sweetie! Come on Joey!

  3. TattooRN March 19, 2007 at 10:00 pm #

    That stinks!!! (I wanted to use a stronger word, but Ella is repeating everything and I am practicing my mommy language.) We are coming next week to make it better!! We love you!!

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