Dreading the Doctor

6 Jun

Tomorrow, I’m taking the kids to the doctor for their well visits.  I’m not only dreading this because they both will be getting shots, but I’m also stressing because I’m taking them back to that same doctor’s office I didn’t like.

Before you get disappointed in me for not changing docs – just know that we don’t have many choices.  Our insurance only covers two others within 20 miles of us and out of all of them the office we go to now offers more doctors and has Saturday hours.  I weighed our options and have decided to give it one more chance.  If tomorrow doesn’t go well then I will do what I have to do – whether it’s try one of the other Winder doctors or drive the kids 30 minutes away.

This time, I’m not so much worried about the wait time (we have an early appointment so logically you wouldn’t think we’d have to wait long).  I just am so afraid that they’re aren’t going to let me hold Nia while she gets her shot.  (With Nate they told me it’s safer for them to administer the shot if he is lying on the table.)  I hated that but then thought it will be ok because he probably wouldn’t remember it.  Nia will.  She’s so afraid and I’ve been trying to tell her exactly how it’s going to be – we even read a few children’s books about doctor’s visits and shots.  I plan to take some stickers, lollipops and toys with us so I will be ready to reward her and Nate for being so brave and also ready to pass the time while we wait. (Remember they don’t have any toys at this office.)  She’s also going to bring one of her stuffed animals for support.  I just wish I had something to help me get through it all too – two kids plus shots equals heartbreak for mom.

4 Responses to “Dreading the Doctor”

  1. Scoop June 6, 2007 at 10:10 am #

    Oh my gosh – I just canceled Andrew's appointment yesterday because I didn't want him to have teething pain and a couple shots too! We go next week. I'll be thinking about you all. Tell Nia I am so proud of her for being brave!

  2. Anna June 6, 2007 at 12:30 pm #

    I think your reward is a nice Mudslide. Or a Mojito. Or any alcoholic beverage, really.

  3. gummibunny June 6, 2007 at 10:11 pm #

    I feel for you all! Miss Camille has to get another shot tomorrow – the third in a three-shot series for an ear infection that just won't go away. Everyone keeps telling me how badly these shots hurt, so my heart just breaks every day when I have to take her. But you're right, at least she won't remember them. As a needle-phobic person myself, I have lots of sympathy for Nia and I'm thinking about you guys. Anna's right – have a nice yummy drink when it's all through!

  4. Are You ZaZa? June 7, 2007 at 12:32 am #

    I actually brought the whole "drinkey-drinkey" thing up while I was there. As we were leaving the nurse asked Nia if I was taking them out for a treat. I said, "Mom needs a treat herself. Too bad it's too early to drink." She laughed and gave me that "it's five o'clock somewhere" line.

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