Tiny Girlfriends

13 Aug

So Sweet

This weekend Nia got to have a blast with her best friend from Savannah.  Avery and her parents came to stay with us and it was such a great time.  It just amazes me how much these two little girls click.  They went to the same daycare together since they were like six months old or something and were inseparable from the start. Their cribs were even next to each other!  Taking Nia away from her Avery was really hard for us but it seems (thankfully) the distance hasn’t hurt their friendship. 

As soon as Avery got in the door (around 11:00 pm Friday) Nia and her were hugging and screaming and destroying the house.  It was so awesome hearing them giggling at 7:00 am and watching them hold hands as they walked.  This was the first “sleepover” for both girls and they did great.  They actually went to sleep and they were in the same room!  They were playing really hard though and we did keep them super busy.

On Saturday, we went to Stone Mountain Park and stayed out until 11:00 pm watching a laser/fireworks show on the mountain.  Before that, the kids ran around like crazy in a big barn full of foam balls and nets to climb.

Best of Friends

On Sunday, we went back to the Georgia Aquarium (it was Avery’s first visit there) and had a picnic near the tank of the Beluga Whales.  (It was so crowded there we couldn’t find a table!  It all worked out for the best though – just look at what we got to see while we ate!)

Our Entertainment during Lunch

The girls played so well together and it was like they had never been apart.  Andrew and I got along really great with Avery’s parents too (even the big kids had a ton of fun) so I know we’ll be seeing more of them – I just wish the girls could grow up together.  We just have to do all we can to make sure they keep in touch and see each other as much as possible – it would just be so sad to not see where their friendship leads.


One Response to “Tiny Girlfriends”

  1. Honey August 13, 2007 at 8:53 pm #

    I can't remember when your first best friend stayed over, but I know that when you did have friends over I loved it even when at 2 or 3 in the morning I needed to turn the light on and off to get you guys to go to sleep.Get ready it's your turn and I hope you love it as much as I did. Love You Momma aka..Honey.

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