Partying Like It’s 1998 (but without the hangover)

11 Sep


2 of 50,000

The pictures don’t even half capture what it looked like at Saturday’s Dave Matthews Band concert at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.  It was INSANE!  Something like 50,000 tickets were sold.  That pretty much equals a crap load of drunk people and a thick cloud of smoke from a whole lotta pot.  Andrew and I were not part of either club.  We actually only shared 3 beers between us and I think it was best that way.  I think it was far more entertaining to watch the others than be one of them.  (I did enough of that during my pre-kid days anyway.)

Andrew and I were so excited to get to go to this concert.  We love DMB and the last time we saw them in concert was in 1998.  (Yes, at that concert I was one of the drunk club.)  This time was special because we did it for ourselves.  Not to go with a group of friends or drink until we were silly –  just to be together – by ourselves.  I had a blast with my hubby – rockin’ out to the music – people watching – riding the city’s public transportation (it was a “Go Green” concert and they made it so you couldn’t park anywhere near the event).  It didn’t matter what we did – I was just so happy to have that night with him.

DMB Dorks

It’s funny how even though we didn’t have the kids with us – we still had the kids with us. My mom stayed at home with them so her kid could go out and play but since Nia was sick, Andrew and I kept calling home to check on her and wondering if we should leave the concert.  My mom assured us Nia was ok and we decided to stay but it still felt wrong to have too much fun while our little girl was yucky.  It turns out though that she and her “Honey” (what she calls my mom) had a little slumber party of sorts.  Honey let her stay up late watching “Beauty and the Beast” and when we came home, Nia was fast asleep in her princess bed and Honey was crashed out on the couch.  It was a sweet sight after an evening of the usual crazy concert ones (I’ll have to write about my observations another time) and I’m so grateful for my mom and the chance to rock out again.

Concert Couple

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