Criminal Record before Age 2

16 Nov

Today, Nate got “written up” while being watched at the YMCA and I don’t blame those ladies one bit!  He is just so rough!  Everyone says, “He’s just a boy” but I’m so tired of hearing that excuse.  I know that there are some little boys who would never even think about pushing a 15-month-old little girl down one time let alone THREE!

The ladies who watch the kids at the Y are so nice and the one who wrote him up gave him 2 chances before even putting him time out.  Apparently, every time they put a child in time out they have to write it up and after three write-ups they basically boot the kid out of child watch.  I would be so super bummed if that happens.  I love being able to go there – not only for me but also for the crazy little man.  He really loves to play there.  In fact, every morning after we drop Nia off at school Nate says, “I play?”  He gets all mad at me when I tell him “Not today sweetie.”  We both enjoy spending a few hours a week at the Y and it would be such a shame if we lose the luxury because he plays too rough.

I know he was just playing and that he didn’t push the little girl down in a mean way because he and Nia constantly wrestle and shove each other, laughing the whole time.  Andrew and I are working on breaking him of the rough-housing but it’s really hard to punish him every time he runs at Nia and they both scream and laugh.  He even told the little girl “Orry” but I don’t think he even understands what that really means.

I just never thought I would be that mother.  The mother of the bully.  The mother of the victim was so nice about it.  She was in there as I went to pick him up and she was telling me that her oldest was a biter and that I shouldn’t feel so bad about it because lots of kids go through the “rough” stage.  I’m not sure if she knew that Nate was taking his “rough stage” out on her daughter – I’m sure I would have got a much different response.  If she did know maybe she was so nice because she saw that I genuinely felt bad about the whole thing.  Now, we just have to get the boy to understand that he needs to chill – but after all, “he is a boy” right?

“I’m Tougher than You Dad!”

One Response to “Criminal Record before Age 2”

  1. likemymamasays July 11, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    Been there, felt that. My son was rough (he’s a boy) but sweet. My daughter was just plain tough though more emotional bully rather then physical bully but the stress is the same.. My youngest daughter is a combination of the 2. Remind me one day to tell you about the Sadie-tooth-Tiger incident. Sigh.

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