Ringing in 32

22 Mar

As I write this, in 2 minutes, you turn 32 years old.

There you are asleep on the couch, your glass of root beer still full.  Like always.

Just a few hours ago, we watched brainless television shows.  Like always.

We snacked on junk food when we really shouldn’t have.  Like always.

We talked about the sweet (or not so sweet) things the kids did today.  Like always.

The clock just struck 12.

Happy Birthday, sleepy boy. I can’t wait to spend your special day and many more together.

One Response to “Ringing in 32”

  1. mom valles March 27, 2008 at 10:16 pm #

    Seems to me I was a lot busier a few minutes before Andrew was born…and I don't remember having any rootbeer or sleep that night. I guess 32 years later things have calmed down a little. Happy Birthday Son. MomV

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