She’s 60?!?!?!

9 May

Does that woman look 60 to you?  She’s awesome!  And not just on the outside! She is so wonderful and fun and I hope she doesn’t want to kick my butt for telling you her age!  I just couldn’t help it because I wanted to celebrate her birthday and, to me, age really is just a number.I mean, there are no guidelines/rules to tell you how you are supposed to act when you reach a certain age.  Oh, you’re 30, that means you can’t jump on a moonwalk anymore.  (Although it did have a sign that said “No adults allowed.”)  My mom laughs at the same jokes as I do (even the really stupid/obscene ones).  She enjoys the same movies and tv shows.  Heck, she even digs the same music and sometimes her taste is more hip than mine is!

She’s my mommy and always will be no matter what our ages are. I can always turn to her and tell her anything and she’ll be there to help.  She makes me feel better just by seeing her phone number on the caller ID.  She knows immediately if there’s something wrong with me and knows how to get it out me.  Laughter is never scarce when she’s around (especially if my sister and I are together with her – then the laughs are in stereo because they’re identical).

My mom shows me what it’s like to be young at heart.  No number will ever change that.

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