A Perfect Father’s Day

16 Jun

You didn’t want to take the day “off” by lounging around even though you could have.

You didn’t want to go anywhere special or be given any expensive gifts.

You put Nia’s hair up in a ponytail and it was adorable.

You didn’t care if you didn’t get to finish watching golf.

You still changed stinky diapers and dealt with the occasional misbehaving child.

You helped cook dinner.

You play-wrestled with the kids and made them laugh like crazy.

You made us some pretty yummy coffee and even tried to concoct a Frappuccino knockoff for me.

You coached Nia on her big girl bike and even took your bike out for a spin with the kids.

You told Nia how proud you were of the train track she was creating for Nate.

You came upstairs to say night-night to Nate even though you were half asleep downstairs watching “Star Wars” with Nia.

You did everything you do on regular days and for all of that and so much more, I thank you.

You are an incredible daddy.

One Response to “A Perfect Father’s Day”

  1. mom valles June 19, 2008 at 10:31 pm #

    I think that my grandchildren have two of the most incredible parents EVER!!! It's wonderful that you appreciate each other so much. Just keep loving each other and the kids. Love, Mom/Lola

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