Class of 2021?!?!

16 Aug

First Day Excitement

It is so crazy to think that it will be the year 2021 when Nia graduates from high school.  I’ll be 43 years old.  What?  Wait a minute – I think I still have to get through the next 18 years of school days before I even let that cross my mind again.The first school day was fun, according to Nia.  She says she likes her teacher and the other students and thankfully didn’t have any major problems because our sweet, little neighbors watched out for her.  We are so grateful to have them in our lives. They are wonderful kids and we have a blast riding bikes and running from bees with them.


Knowing that they were with her on the bus eased my nerves a ton but that doesn’t mean I didn’t burst into tears as soon as the bus pulled away.  How could I not? That’s our precious baby and there she was, barely able to climb the stairs on the bus.

Tiny Legs Tackle Big Steps

She left for school all smiles and came home the same way – only really exhausted. It seems all the fun she had at school really tuckered her out.

All Smiles

Right after that last picture was taken, she asked if I could carry her home and then asked if she could rest.  Of course I’ll baby my baby – for as long as I can.

One Response to “Class of 2021?!?!”

  1. gummibunny August 16, 2008 at 2:35 pm #

    Yay for Nia! Love the pics – she looks so cute!

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