19 Jun

Reasons I love Yoga:

  • I can do it barefoot.
  • The relaxation time at the end. (When I sometimes doze off.)
  • The giggles I get when trying to stretch and contort my body into positions my body rebels against.
  • It can really tone you.

Reasons I do not love Yoga:

  • The complicated narration. “Look with the backs of your eyes to your inner self.” That sounds like it will hurt worse than that look over my shoulder and lift my leg thing you just had me attempt.
  • What just popped/cracked in my body?
  • I’m always off on the breathing. Inhaling when I should be exhaling and laughing at myself when I should be inhaling.
  • Um, it gets kind of boring after the 15th downward dog in a row.
  • I thought this was supposed to be relaxing and peaceful? I shouldn’t want to cuss out the nice, bendy lady on the screen.

Deep breaths. In and out. Or was it out and in?

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