My Do-Overs

7 Jul

If I knew then what I know now I would have:

  • Worn a bikini more than I did
  • Kept my hair long for longer (I wasted so many “young” years with a short ‘do)
  • Not jumped out of that moving car that one time
  • Taken a home economics class so I would know how to properly set a table
  • Said no to that perm I got in 7th grade
  • Paid more attention to the breathtaking cross-country road trips I got take with my dad, Kris and Mel
  • Learned how to properly apply makeup so I wouldn’t be clueless at age 32
  • Not wasted so much time worrying about certain boys
  • Cut back on the brewskies during the Ben Folds Five/Beck concert so Andrew could see Beck (sorry about that Andrew!)
  • Paid more attention during my Spanish classes (the cheat sheet didn’t help either)
  • Worn a bikini more than I did (this sentiment is the inspiration behind this post)

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