Pumpkin Patch + 85 Degrees = Fesitively Wrong

9 Oct

What the? It was fall weather when I went to sleep last night. As I dreamt of picking the perfect pumpkin, hay rides and apple cider, the temperature was supposed to drop, setting the stage to bring my dream to life.

Well, part of the dream came true. We had a great time with our friends, the Combee family, at Washington Farms but sweated through pumpkin picking, jumpy jumping (where Andrew got in trouble for doing what the video below captures), cow-train riding, goat feeding and pig racing. Hoo-wee. Nothing like a happy and hot fall day.


Wheel Barrow Princess


Pumpkin Patch Princess Gets a Lift


Perusing the Pumpkin Patch with Pals


Pumpkin Patch Pose




Hot Hay Ride


Jelly Bean Cow for the Bean


Headless Annabelle Cow for the Boy

It's called a jumping pillow and it's awesome!


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