14 Nov

Today’s lesson during church really hit at the right time for me. I’m not talking about it literally because that message was about something much deeper than this but I’m talking about the lesson of challenges and never giving up – staying the course and it will be ok. It’s not a new thought but after my last post about my fear of having Nate in church for an hour-plus with nothing to help, this lesson/reminder was needed.

Turns out, I was worried, stressed and upset for nothing. (Like usual with me.) Nate did great. He sat next to Andrew and followed and sang along with the readings and music. It was a joy. He did get a little difficult toward the end (wanting to lie on the pew) but overall it was just fine.

But, back to today’s lesson, even if it turned out to be harder than it was, that shouldn’t make me want to run away or give up. I should stay the course. Feisty four-year-old and all.

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