I Chose Nightmares

17 Nov

I just got another lesson in Well, Duh from my seven-year-old.

On our way home tonight, Nia asked me, “Is it true that if I say Bloody Mary in the mirror three times and spin around that I will DIE? That’s what So-n-So says.”

After I hesitated to reinforce my knowledge that it is false, I replied that it’s just a scary story people tell each other and there are other versions of it as well. I also added that I heard it when I was young. (Candyman!) She then inquired if it made me scared or if I ever tried it.

I paused to think about how to answer – it also added a nice dramatic effect – and then told her that it did scare me and I did try it. She questioned, making it seem so simple, “Why didn’t you just ask your parents about it like I’m asking you?”


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