I’m Stricken with NKOTBSB

22 Nov

I find myself dealing with mixed emotions about the comeback and combination of two boy bands from my younger years.

When I first heard that New Kids on the Block were reuniting, I felt nostalgic and wanted to be a part of the fun and frenzy. I got to go to their concert with a good friend and other fans and it was great. Singing and dancing along, screaming like we did when we first saw them years ago (minus the tears). It was a nice trip down memory lane.

It’s also how I felt about watching my first loves from afar share the stage with some other former teenage heartthrobs, the Backstreet Boys, during the 2010 American Music Awards. At first, I laughed. I loved. I sang along. And then it hit me. I know all of these words. I’ve lived through two generations (plus) of boy bands. I’m now rejoicing in reunion concerts. I’m older.

I felt a little bummed for a minute but then I realized, I may soon have Nia’s generation of bands to (quietly) sing along with too. I’ll get to see it through her eyes. That might be my favorite concert yet.  (With the addition of ear plugs to minimize the screaming damage.)

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