Opening Day 2011

2 Apr

Opening Day may be over but Nate continues to want to play ball. He and Andrew are outside right now batting and I’m surprised we finally were able to convince him to change out of his uniform. Nate is so proud and comfortable in that uniform. He woke us up at 5:50 this morning asking where it was and if he could put it on yet. (Big, bad mommy told him to try to get some more sleep and then fell back asleep before I heard a complaint from him.)

His game was great. His team of cuties didn’t win but you could tell they all had a blast despite the score. As far as stats go, I think Nate ran home twice and got one out at first. (I was so happy he caught the throw that tears crept out of my eyes.)  He executed a beautiful (but unnecessary) slide at home that made the team’s other coach chuckle with surprise and give Andrew a pat on the shoulder. Another stat that I can’t ignore would have to be that he played with the zipper on his new uniform pants – a lot.

I’m thankful we got to play a bunch of nice boys with considerate coaches for our first game. I didn’t hear a negative word – only praise and thoughtfulness for the little guys on both benches. It was a wonderful feeling and has me looking forward to the next game. In the meantime though, I’ll enjoy Nate’s reaction after seeing the Baltimore Orioles were on tv tonight. “Oh! I gotta go get my Orioles hat!”

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