A Bat, A CAT and A Nate Face

8 Apr

It hurts him. It makes it hard for him to breathe. It is swollen. It is NOT broken.

It happened at the batting cages last night. Nate and his team were practicing and (from what I understand) Nate was gathering the pitches and the batter brought the bat back to swing. That’s when Nate’s little nose took the blow.

Tears poured. TLC and ice flooded in. And he still wanted to take his turn batting.

After batting (with some great hits despite his injury), we realized we needed to do more than ice and hug. We couldn’t take the chance of a broken nose but we also couldn’t take the reality of a broken nose. They may have to re-break it or he may have to see a plastic surgeon. Those thoughts scared us for our little man. His tiny 5-year-old nose.

Thankfully, the CT Scan (which Nate said he was very still for) showed no breaks, just soft tissue damage that will swell worse and turn purple before it gets better. Nate first noticed that as he was brushing his teeth. He looked wide, teary eyed at himself in the mirror and reacted in heartbreak, “My face! My face looks funny! Kids are going to laugh.” I consoled him and told him that he did not look funny. That he was still Nate. That he looked tough, like a boxer. It would get better soon. I asked him what if mommy or Nia had it, would he say we looked funny? He said, “No, but you wouldn’t look this bad!”

Hugs and kisses, little man. For your sweet worries and your boo-boo.


Right After It Happened


One Hour and a Gatorade Moustache Later...


Morning After


Taking It All In




Right after this picture: "I play the Yankees tomorrow!"

2 Responses to “A Bat, A CAT and A Nate Face”

  1. Erika April 8, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Aww, poor baby. He’s so tough, though. :*) I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Ginger April 9, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    Oh Nate! Please tell him I hope he feels better soon. It makes me sad to think they’ve reached an age of such self-consciousness about what others think too! But he’s a tough cookie for sure.

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