Not About Me

29 Apr

I’m thankful for Facebook tonight because it helped me wake up to my selfishness. Because of it, I was able to see some friends sharing in the royal wedding with their daughter, who’s a little older than Nia. They made a special British-inspired breakfast and wore crowns. They all looked so happy at 5ish in the morning and I loved how they were making it such a treasured memory for their daughter.

Nia, meanwhile, was still asleep because I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I wasn’t all that excited for it and my take-it-or-leave-it attitude almost caused Nia to miss the chance to see history happen, learn about another country or at least oo and ah at Kate’s dress. I have memories of Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding. Seems a royal wedding of this caliber only happens once every few decades. She shouldn’t miss that.

I went in her room and asked her in a whisper if she wanted to see the wedding of a real-life prince and princess. She nodded yes and I scooped my princess out of her bed and carried her to our bed, where she squinted and blinked to adjust her sleepy eyes to the bright screen. She was happy.

I’m glad I woke up to the realization that my opinions (about things of this nature) should not influence Nia’s chance to make hers.

(Sheila and Jesse, thank you for helping me see, in a very indirect way, that it’s not always about me. You are way cool parents.)

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