The Usual at Table Two

17 Jul

We ordered our usual at our favorite diner and got a side of kindness from strangers. Although, the waitress/manager sure doesn’t treat you like a stranger. She has your coffee waiting on the table when she sees your car pull up outside. She sits down in the booth with you to take your order. That is, if it’s a new order because she’ll have your “usual” memorized.

Today, she was very busy because the diner was marking its second anniversary and she had to send the other server home because she came to work with purple and black striped hair and some on her skin. I love that she let us know this as she greeted us. What I love even more is that she too had a thin purple streak in her hair.

With or without the hair color obstacle, the celebration included a free blueberry pancake for customers and a whole lot of maneuvering chairs and tables to make way for the eager breakfast and coffee crowd. In one case, an older Navy veteran sitting at a table for three, gathered his coffee and mountain of individual serving creamers to move to the counter so that the family of 5 who just walked in could have a seat together. That same man soon generated giggles throughout the diner as his phone sounded a ringtone of an alien space ship.

Some customers helped clear the tables. Others made sure to let her know they were ok waiting, not to worry. They wished the diner’s staff a happy two years as they left to go about the rest of their Sunday, satisfied with full bellies and hearts.

See you next Sunday…

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