Traveling Bean

23 Jul

Our Georgia-born Bean felt so at home and made so many memories during her two weeks of living where her mommy and daddy were born and raised. Her sweet, happy voice through the phone, (with some more detail given by grandparents) told us all about her West Virginia and Ohio adventures.

She used a shelf that held movies as a “hotel” for her Barbies at Lola and Papa’s.

She spent hours creating new stories with her Barbies in my old Barbie Dream House.

She got a mani/pedi from cousin Michayla while they talked about things they liked and what they would do after their nails dried.

She took a road trip with Honey to see her newly 16-year-old cousin Savannah march with her high school band in a parade. Carnival rides and games with cousin Gabbie, Aunt Sissy and Uncle Brian made for an extra special visit.

Big screen showings of “Zookeeper” with cousin Alexandra and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” with Papa and Lola. “Gnomeo and Juliet” with Honey at her house. Popcorn for all three.

She watched, entertained, as her papa, uncles Anthony and Matthew, and cousin John Luke lead a stray goat back to its gated area at the Oglebay Zoo. Lola, Aunt Nancy, cousin Michayla and (soon-to-be Aunt) Cara all shared in the leaping goat fun.

She stayed up way past bedtime a few times – once until 1 in the morning watching a movie called “Aliens in the Attic” and another time doing who knows what but she sure was rubbing it in to me that it was 1:04 before she fell asleep.

She played Family Feud and Hang Man on her Grandma’s iPad and chased cats around a tree at Great-Grandma Nancy’s house.

Soaked with a garden hose when a threatening storm prevented a swim in Grandma’s pool. She got that swim the next day with Grandpa and cousin Alexandra.

Best friend necklaces with cousin Alexandra and shopping at Justice with Grandma.

Shopping spree to the extreme with Lola and Sandy – trying on clothes for an hour and loving everything your Lola bought for you.

Board games galore with Honey – along with a side or two of yummy spaghetti dinners.

Hugs and smiles for Great-Grandpa Domenick and Velma and Honey’s neighbors Callie and Jimmy.

Cookout with tons of family and good friends at Lola and Papa’s on your last night in West Virginia.

Squeezes good-bye and see you soon hopes for everyone after many sleepovers, snuggles, love and fun.

Hugs and kisses hello for us. We missed our Beanie Baby.

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One Response to “Traveling Bean”

  1. Ginger August 1, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Sounds like a perfect summer trip to me!

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