Taking the Time to Notice

11 Sep

She stood there, small and smiley, holding out a bulletin for the next person to take. So proud and happy to help her daddy hand them out after church. The people receiving them also seemed to smile a little brighter as they filed out because of her sweetness. Then, an older gentleman approached. He didn’t notice her there. He kept looking at Andrew to give him the paper. Completely understandable. Andrew is the one who is supposed to pass the bulletins out and Bean looked so tiny standing in the exodus of church-goers. When he finally saw her, he chuckled, said thank you and walked away with his weekly news. When we saw him a few minutes later, he was walking up to Bean to give her a doggie balloon animal. It seemed like he felt badly for not noticing her earlier – or maybe he just finds joy in sharing his talent of balloon animal art. Whatever the reason for the balloon, it made Bean very happy. I noticed.


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