School Picture Style Hopes

19 Sep

The worn sticker on his shirt read, “Smile! It’s picture day” but Nate had more in mind than just smiling. “Can I have spiky hair for pictures?” he asked on the way home from after school. “And a tie?”

With both of these hopes, I made him happy with an immediate “we’ll see what we can do” and told him we’d need to test out the spiky do after dinner because I was worried that it was going to be too short.

Sadly for the little man, I was right. He went running for his daddy’s hair “glue” (what we lovingly call the pomade) after dinner and we tried to get his little locks to stand up. His face in the pictures shows how he want from hope to hurt, saddened that his hair just wouldn’t spike.

I reassured him that he looks so handsome and cute without the spikes and that we’ll still put some glue on his hair tomorrow if he wants. That made him feel better. He was also cool that the clip-on tie wouldn’t fly with the color of his shirt. I’m still surprised he didn’t ask to wear a Braves shirt – although he may try to sneak on his Braves armband. As long as he’s happy with his style and smile when the camera clicks. Can’t wait to see his first elementary school picture!

One Response to “School Picture Style Hopes”

  1. Andrew September 20, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    I’ll show you how to work the “glue” when I get home for next time. So cool though.

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