An Auction Experience

9 Oct

I’ve been needing a crash course in decision making and quick thinking. I’ve also been needing a new bedside table for our guest room. I’m proud to say that I scored both at my first visit to an auction.

My friend, Leigh, recently expanded my experiences when she invited me to go with her to the Breffle Auction Company in Statham for one of their monthly auctions. I had no idea what to expect except for what I’ve seen in movies about country towns holding auctions on farmland (there’s always a pig) and on tv – thoughts of that old Micro Machines commercial with the fast-talking man filled my head.

Yeah. Not so much. This was way cooler.

Got What I Wanted!

Rows of people’s former treasures filled the warehouse. Some bigger pieces were on wheeled platforms so that they could easily be displayed at the front while the auctioneer was detailing them. People of all ages and styles were present, ready to act fast and pay their price for the item(s) of their choice. I had my sights on two tables. I’ve been wanting to get rid of the plastic shelf in the guest room that I’ve had since college and I found a unique table that I adore to replace it. I just had to be brave enough to bid on it – without going over my budget.

Trouble was – it all was happening so quickly and I wasn’t sure about how to play the bidding game. They start out at one price and then it drops if no one bites at the high amount but you have to be so fast to jump in on the lowest price, not really knowing if it will get any lower. It helped that I needed to wait an hour or so for my table to be bid on because I got to watch and absorb how the frequent auction goers do it.

Looking back on it, I got pretty lucky. I bought the two tables I wanted for $35 and $45. I’ll still never understand how a big shelf and a dining room table went for that about amount too – or even more wow – an entire office desk suite for $5. Yes, $5!

I hope to make it back there. I have my eye on this little pink vanity and chair for Bean. I just have to make room in her room for it – oh and make sure I pounce when the price is right.

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