Grade A Citizen

1 Nov

I would fail if I was ever quizzed on that Late Show skit “Jaywalking.” I would fail if we were playing a trivia game and the win depended on my answer. I would fail if given a Third Grade test at age 33. Despite my admitted lack of government facts though, I’m happy to say my Third Grader would definitely pass for an outstanding citizen. Especially if it was based on her grade from her first test about the government and her written answer (that I will always cherish).

Nia earned a 97% on the test, missing a question about city council and another about which level of government can declare war. However, she knew what type of democracy was practiced in ancient Athens and which structure in Washington D.C., most shows the influence of Greek architecture as shown in the Parthenon. I also love that she now knows the name of the woman who fought to get women the right to vote. I can’t wait for her to become one of those educated voters. (And help refresh mom on some of the particulars.)

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