What You Make of It

9 Nov

When life gives you lemons, you:

a) Painstakingly hand squeeze each lemon to the last drop, removing seeds and pulp one by one and counting each grain of sugar used.

b) Chuck Norris style kick those little yellow b’s into smithereens in a room you don’t have to clean up.

c) Gently squeeze each sun shiny fruit like a hug from a child, smiling and happily humming the whole time. Sit outside and sip, anyone?

d) Buy some Sweet Tea Vodka so you can chop those things up and add a splash and a slice.

e) Hand the lemons to someone else who needs them and will be very grateful for the opportunity to make something with them.

f) Patiently wait for the lemon to ripen, use it to help flavor a delicious celebratory meal and then plant a seed and wait for a tree to grow.

g) No thanks. I prefer Crystal Light.

h) Have an allergic reaction that needs medical attention.

So many ways to treat a sour situation. Thankful for no citrus allergies.

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