The Shopping Dead

26 Nov

They came out in the still of the holiday night. A chill was in the air. They loaded into their cars, armed with extra store coupons, a list of must-haves, caffeine and attitude. The people they were just minutes before were consumed with the desire to find the best deal. Black Friday Fever had possessed them and it wasn’t going to let go until they were finished loading up their shopping carts, swiping their plastic money and spreading rudeness like it was a lingering heavy perfume.

Tear it up!

I’m not saying this is the case for allday after Thanksgiving shoppers. Some were quite pleasant. They must be immune to the fever. Maybe the others act like this on a daily basis. Clearing throats instead of saying excuse me. Yelling at others for not driving the way they want them to drive. Checking out one item at a time while a line of other shoppers grumbles behind you. Tearing through folded clothes like you were looking for the one diamond in millions of Christmas tree icicles. Leaving empty cups of coffee on store shelves like they were trash cans. Rolling over hangered clothes that fell off the rack, never thinking twice about picking it up.

And that wasn’t even close to the worst concerning the lack of manners and zero sense of decency. The majority of media reports told of a range of horrors, including one where a woman pepper-sprayed other shoppers to get her hands on an Xbox.

What makes people act in such a way? Greed? Desperation? The need to keep up with the ones who don’t have to shop for deals? Just the lure of the good deal? A most-for-the-money mentality?

I am guilty of being out in it that day (and past days). I try to laugh my way through the lunacy. I read about my friends’ sale successes on Facebook and how they had a fine time getting their low price products. Typical shoppers do exist among the shopping dead. How refreshing. Go forth and try to always shop with a peaceful, kind and courteous consumer heart.

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