Storm Luvah: Whatevah

3 Mar

Me, awake in fear, to Andrew: I hate weather like this.

Andrew, mostly asleep: I love it. (Goes back to sleep.)

Me: That doesn’t help me.


I wish I could have a shot glass amount of his (all-natural) no stress attitude.

Seriously though, how do people “love it”? I really think it’s all talk to help them not be afraid. They are trying to convince themselves to not be scared out of their skin each time the ground and house rattles with a larger-than-life, out of our control, boom from nature. I’d rather not poke an angry bear. “Nah, nah, nah! I’m not afraid of you!” BOOM. I feel bad enough downplaying my fear to the kids to help ease their fears. Maybe you storm luvahs are just trying to be the calm, sane one in the room?

If you really do “love storms” and can “sleep so well through them” (like I’ve heard people say), please tell me what specifically it is about the flashes of fierce light, rumbles of sky, and wind that tears trees and houses to pieces that you adore so much. It may help my stress level.

That is, if you can get me out from under the covers.

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One Response to “Storm Luvah: Whatevah”

  1. Lisa March 4, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    I adore storms (but not severe weather.) The power in storms adds to my feeling alive, unlike anything else I have experienced. But, I’m weird.
    Now, my dog hates them, so he curls up near me, or on me if the storm comes through in the wee hours, and whimpers. I soothe him the best I can. Closest thing I have to being a parent. 🙂

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