Fridge of Fortune

10 Mar

It’s a refrigerator like many, I’m sure. A puzzle of pieces covering whatever steel they can cling to. There are notes to remember, cherished family photos, and magnets adorned with sweet sayings or places we’ve been (and even a few free ones that we felt were worthy enough to make the metal or may need some day). Nestled among all of that past and present is something we’ve been building over many years. Our fortunes, linked together with tape.

We don’t keep just any cookie fortune that comes our way though because many are not even fortunes at all. (“You are well liked and have many friends” really doesn’t tell me a fortune, although it’s a nice thing to read.) We love to keep the ones we want most to come true, we know are coming true (Andrew got the “step on the soil” one before his first deployment overseas to Kosovo) or, in the case of the hen one, mark a milestone: our first born’s first fortune.


Fortunes Buried in Magnets


Fridge Wall of Fortune

Not sure when we will live out some of these fortunes but, for now, I’m happy to just to believe they may be out there. If not, at least the cookie was tasty and our fridge puzzle will stay intact.


One Response to “Fridge of Fortune”

  1. Humdinger March 12, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    Beautiful! I think you can tell so much by what people keep on their fridges. I love to look at all the pics, drawings, etc. when I go to someone’s house for the first time. 🙂

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