The Year of the Brew and the Bod

22 Mar

Andrew turned 35 with well wishes and gifts of love from friends and family.

One of those gifts was named Mr. Beer and it created a one-man home brewery.

Mr. Beer home brewing

Bottle Night

He brewed and he brewed, bottled and emptied, unlabeled and labeled and started a schedule.

The main fridge filled up with future beers and a new one was needed to chill the ale.

Drew's Brew home brew

A fridge full of Drew's Brews.

Drew’s Brews started as a beloved (and delicious) hobby but it soon became a passion.

One year. His 35th. He tried something new and conquered it – achieving pour after pour satisfaction.

Great brew.

The 3-5 also meant a time to run – get in shape and race toward a healthier him.

And it didn’t stop there, his running became a family inspiration.

Daddy and Son Sneaks

In 5K after 5K, some 10K’s and a half marathon too, Andrew placed in his age group and met his goals.

Personal best 10K run.

The running lifted his spirits to be more in shape – and it also lightened his load.

From 180 to 150.

Thirty pounds lost to start his 36th year, with a family who loves him and supports him with cheer.

Daddy's Biggest Fans

Happy birthday, Andrew. May this new year bring you all the joys of the last – with a personal best race times and a full glass.

Awesome "Trophy"

One Response to “The Year of the Brew and the Bod”

  1. primalbeergeek March 22, 2012 at 12:14 am #

    As a beer geek, homebrewer and someone who is trying to get in shape, I applaud you!


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