Hungry for More

15 Apr

I finished The Hunger Games book last month but couldn’t get out to see the movie until this weekend. I stayed up way past my bedtime to catch the 10 p.m. flick with my friend, Allison. After 20 minutes of trailers and such, the two hour, twenty minute adventure began.

I loved every minute of it. In fact, I wish they would’ve added a few more minutes to it to capture more of my beloved scenes from the book (Rue and also Katniss’ struggle for water). I suppose a three hour movie would be quite ridiculous.

It is so very rare that I like a movie as much as I like the book. I’m relieved this did not disappoint. There were a few scenes I played out differently in my mind but it didn’t take away from the movie at all. (I still acted them out in my head the way I wanted to as I watched.) I really enjoyed watching fresh actors in the main roles. I also really dug that the perspective of the Capitol was added. It gave an interesting look at that side.

I left there close to 1 a.m. wanting to rush home and open the second book. I waited so the story would feel more chronological to me. I’ve heard people say the second and third books aren’t as good. I’m trying to block that from my thoughts because I want to love them like I do the first.

Less bloggy, more read.

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