Running Angel

18 Oct

There I was, just going about my typical interval run. Fifteen minutes slow, fifteen fast, fifteen slow. I was in the middle of my last slow interval, trudging along, when I saw her.

She seemed to be floating in her stride as she swiftly approached me. She was running, yes, but it was more than that. She was so full of spirit and life. She looked to be about my age and she was running as happily and as carefree as a child. She wasn’t wearing earbuds or a ponytail. Her long brown hair bounced wildly behind her and her face beamed the biggest smile. As she neared me, she aimed that smile my way and cheerfully said, “Hi!”

I was stunned and inspired. I actually got chills because she was doing something I feel like I’ve only ever done once before – she wasn’t making it look like a job. I wonder if I came across like that to all those drivers waiting in traffic for the stop lights to cycle through? The song “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai played in my earbuds and I was nearing the fourth mile on my long Saturday run. I felt a blast of energy and started smiling and singing along as I ran. There may have even been air drums. It felt awesome.

Seeing this running angel made me remember that feeling and I’m hoping it will help me stop treating a run like a “have to” and more like a “want to” or “get to.”

Thank you, running angel. I only saw you for a few seconds but you left a lasting impression. I hope to see you again – and I may try to stop you to make sure you’re real and learn your story.

One Response to “Running Angel”

  1. Ginger October 18, 2012 at 6:39 pm #

    A new recruit for Moms Run This Town! You need some MRTT shirts so you can rep while you’re running…

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