Little Helper

9 Jan

Nate is becoming such a little helper around the house. He likes to run the vacuum and over-Windex all the surfaces he can reach. The other day was the sweetest when he helped put away groceries without even being asked. I went to change clothes after church and the store and when I walked to the kitchen I saw empty grocery bags hanging from the pantry door. He was busy loading up the shelves. “Does this go here, momma?”

I think he most enjoyed helping with his school lunch. We made ham, cheese, mayo and mustard on whole grain with some olives he wanted to cut himself. The lunch also featured a side of giggles as he kept putting the silliest things in his lunchbox to then declare, “It’s all ready!”

I’m so thankful for his eagerness to help and his attitude to have fun with the “work.”


Cutting olives for his sandwich.


Making a “monster” face.


Picking what he wants in his lunch.


Chicken Broth for lunch. This replaced a bag of marshmallows he just had in there. Sweet, silly boy.


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