My Girl

28 Jan

We talked about our favorite movies. What we’d like to learn. The food we can’t live without. We giggled about how we answered a “things we prefer more” quiz the same. Popcorn over candy. Movies over shopping. Only one difference – I chose milk, she chose juice.

The “mom and me” lunch date I recently had with Nia at the American Girl store gave me a wonderful glimpse at my little girl’s growing personality. The Bistro offers a box with questions on the tables and she and I took turns interviewing each other.

The strip of paper inquiring about the funniest person she knows prompted her to tell me a story about a silly friend in her class. The one asking about the hardest thing she ever had to do had her confess it involves trying to not let her little brother annoy her.

Her favorite movie is the sixth Star Wars but she was careful to add there are new ones coming out soon so they might take that number one spot.

She can’t live without pizza. The three celebrities she wants to meet are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and One Direction. (If the group doesn’t count as one, she just wants it to be Liam.) She wants to learn Spanish. She wants to go to France because that’s where Paris and the Eiffel Tower are. She plans to be in college in 10 years.

10 years. That will make my Beanie Baby almost 20. Her answers will likely change during that span but I know I will always remember our time and her – just like this. Freeze frame …

Annie and Nia

Annie and Nia


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