Fingers Crossed

26 Jan

Ever have your fingers crossed tightly for so long that they start hurting?

I have both hands working on this hope. Aching fingers willing what I want and wish will happen.

Change is stressful and tough for me and I’ve been apprehensive and a bit sad about what lies directly ahead for me career-wise. I’ve loved what I’ve done for the past several years. Spoiled, really. I suppose I was due for a push out of my comfort zone. What if it’s something I love just as much — or maybe more? And if it’s not, I can and will change again. We are adaptable and it certainly won’t be the end of the world. My priorities are clear. Family first and always. When I look back on my life, my jobs won’t be what I will hold dear. I just want to enjoy and be valued for the time I spend away from my main priorities.

No matter the waves or weather storming around me, I steer this ship that exists to help my family stay out of the water. Just with fingers crossed …

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