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“I’m 5 today!”

27 Dec

He woke me up at 6 am-ish, frantic that I need to call one of his friends to invite her to his party.

This is my first memory of Nate’s 5th birthday. Even as a baby, he was intense. He waited a week past his due date to say hi and when he did, he struggled his way out through an emergency c-section. Now, he’s a wonderful mix of tough and sweet, competitive and sensitive, fighter and lover.

In fact, my second memory of his big 5 day is him running to me (when I actually was awake) for a giant hug and yelling, “I’m 5 today!” He then added with the same excitement, “I can play football now!”

The next memories involve requests for a “big kid breakfast” and two bagels because “that’s what big kids eat.” (He got one but became very happy when he saw it was cut into 5 pieces.)

Nathaniel Robert, you may be 5, but you’ll always be our baby boy and little brother.


Loving Little Brother

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