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Serving Time

18 Nov

Before it was even noon today, we’d already put Nate in time out five times for hitting or pushing Nia.  It’s been so ridiculous and so frustrating and frankly, I’m really sad and exhausted over it all.  He even pushed a little girl (like 15 months or so) at the mall’s soft play area yesterday!  As soon as we saw it we jumped up, grabbed him, told him “NO SIR! No pushing!” and didn’t let him play anymore.  Before we left, he went over to her, hugged her and said “Orry” but none of that really matters to me if he keeps pushing and hitting.

I’ve read that all of this is a “normal/typical” toddler stage and I’ve read time out is the way to go – I just hope and pray it works.  It’s funny because some of the advice on the online websites I’ve visited say things like, “children under 2 should not watch tv.”  Well, that’s great.  How do I undo that?  Besides, Nia watched plenty of tv before she was 2 and she never hit/pushed/bit anyone plus, she’s super smart so I can’t say that tv is to blame for his actions. It’s not like he’s watching Ultimate Cage Fighting (well at least not more than 30 minutes a day – I’m totally kidding if you don’t know that).  I mean, his cartoons are Curious George and Go Diego Go – all those are teaching him to do is speak like a monkey, make messes and want to wear a “Rescue Pack”.  (He really does all of those things.)

All of this has me feeling a little timid about taking him back to the Y this week.  I know I can’t live my life like that but I just don’t want to chance us getting the boot.  I even thought about telling the ladies to get me as soon as he does anything that way it will be even more of a punishment and he doesn’t get written up.  I can’t believe how stressed out all of this is making me.  Hopefully, he will grow out of it (like all the websites say he will).  In the meantime though, I have a feeling he’s going to be spending a lot of time behind bars.

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