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Birthday Bliss and Trip (Times Three)

10 Jan

I’m not bringing this up to start a fight or make him feel bad, but Andrew forgot my birthday the first year we were married. I merely point that out to reduce the level of bliss this blog post exudes.

He now finds a way to outdo every birthday with little surprises and special gifts that shows he pays attention to me.

He had roses waiting for me in the garage so I would see them when I walked to my car. He braved the beauty department makeup counter to buy me the “fancy” mascara I wanted.

That would be swooning enough for sure but there was more.

This is the cookie cake that Andrew had delivered at my work for my birthday.


Thank you, Cookie Creations of Atlanta

This is the dress, also purchased by Andrew, that I wore when I ate the cookie cake that Andrew bought me.

Happiness and Photo Courtesy: http://www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com

These are the hot heels that Andrew delivered upon me before I left for work in the dress that I wore when I ate the cookie cake.


Also, Jessica Simpson

These hot heels also added some adventure to the day that marks 34 years alive. I tripped three times in these beauties. And I would do it all again. My embarrassment and possible pain is the least I can do to show my thanks, appreciation and love for all Andrew does for me.

And I think he’s thankful for things like calendar reminders now. Maybe forgetting my birthday was the best present he ever got me.


The Weight of Birthdays

22 Mar

I’m calling for a shake up with how we celebrate birthdays. Be gone, “Eh, it’s just another day,” attitudes that many acquire in our older years. (I’m guilty.) I think it’s then that we should go all out like we did when we were young. Not necessarily stay up all night slumber parties, New Kids on the Block cakes or jumpy place parties but just more pronounced attention then many allow. It seems, as our numbers grow, the size and importance we put on our born day shrinks. Life gets in the way of life.

Shouldn’t we be rejoicing that our number is able to grow? That we are still here to celebrate the rotation of another year? Feel incredible to be given more precious days to enjoy and accomplish? Some people have battled cancer and won. Some have battled in war zones. Others have been through incomprehensible life journeys. And they are still here to experience another day while so many others are not. Why don’t we live for them?

I know it’s hard because who really likes getting older? We cling to our youth. Our energy. Our young skin and bones. The ability to sit cross-cross-applesauce. I pluck and cover my grays and sample that magic-promising anti-aging cream. But shouldn’t I be cherishing that I’m here to laugh at my aging pieces? Or that we have 35, 39, 43, 47, 54 and more tucked away in the shadow boxes of our memories?

Andrew remarked that he hasn’t had this many presents (for his 35th) since he was 12.  I hope it stays that way with each year because I know how very grateful I am to celebrate it with him. So very thankful we get to cycle through one more year of enjoying the smaller numbers and welcoming what’s next. Life.


Birthday Banana Pudding

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