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The 11th Month

2 Nov

With 2014 about 60 calendar boxes away, two self-imposed goals that I was supposed to conquer in 2013 are taunting me from the December 31 box.

I was supposed to run 700 miles this year. Being that I’m only at 415, that is most definitely not going to happen. Maybe I’ll reach 500? Where in the world did I pull 700 from?


I was supposed to write the book that’s been in my head since spring 2012. I told myself it would be my baby this year since I very much felt the desire to have another child but, at the same time, am wonderfully content and thankful with the two I’m momma to now. Well, I still haven’t gotten any action on that “baby” so I need to get busy. I even bought books that tell me how to get started. The dog ate one of them …

So, I’m setting a new goal. One just for this 11th month. I’m gonna blog. Seems like something I should be able to accomplish. We’ll see!


13 Mar

Maybe it’s because I don’t get out of the house much.  Maybe it’s because I only hang out with children for the majority of my day.  Maybe it’s because I’m addicted.

More and more, I’ve been visiting the same blogs way too many times in one day.  I guess I’m hoping my usual bunch of bloggers will come through for me and post an update – but then I hit enter on my keyboard and see that same title or picture I’ve been looking at for days.  How totally selfish I am to feel this way!  I mean, like they have nothing better to do than keep me entertained every day!  I know I’m only feeling this way because, to me, this is my one big release during the day. When the kids are napping or eating lunch/snacks, I quickly escape to the computer just to see if there’s anything to make me laugh, cry, think…ANYTHING!

I’ve become so desperate in my wait for certain updates that I find myself venturing to other blogs.  They’re blogs that don’t satisfy me in the same way as my usuals – blogs that really only make me get mad at the writer because I just wasted my escape time instead of enjoying it.  Nonetheless, I feel this need to blog around.  See what happens to me when my usuals don’t deliver – I become a blog-ho of sorts – scraping around the internet for less worthy fill-ins just to get my fix.

In my attempt at recovery, I found this article about “blogoholics.”  Although I think for me it’s not so much that I need to write one but that I need to read one – I still think the article is pretty funny and very true. It may be hard and somewhat embarrassing for me to admit, but my name is NikkiVal and I’m addicted to blogging.

So, where are your updates?!?!?

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