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Weighing on My Mind

6 Aug

I really didn’t want to blog about this but I’m now thinking that if I put it out there it might help me stay on track.  I’ve become inspired by my friend Roxann who is now successfully on her way to a healthier her.  Each week, she shares how her weight loss is going (you are doing so awesome Roxann!) and since I’m struggling with mine, I thought that if I wrote about my frustrations it would kind of kick my butt in gear to try and do better.

Three weeks ago, I was at my lowest weight since having either of the kids.  The scale read 135.6. It was an awesome feeling to step on that thing and have it glow those numbers at me.  Now though, the numbers are growing instead of shrinking and I’m getting a little discouraged.  Today, the scale told me I was 138.6.  That means I gained 3 pounds in 3 weeks!  With all the company we had last month I wasn’t watching what I was eating like I should have been or exercising like I had been and now it’s hard to get back in line.  I still weigh less than I did in April (144) but after seeing the smaller numbers it’s just a bummer.

I am using this blog to be the kickoff to my new attempt at a smaller me.  I don’t have much to loose – I just wanted to get below 130.  125 is ideal but I will be happy with 130 (so I tell myself now).  From this blog forward, I will follow my diet and continue to work hard at the gym.  I have a goal to lose a pound a week before we hit the beach in September – hopefully, this confession will help me stick to it!

I Need to Work it Out

4 Apr

I have finally gotten up the nerve and determination to try working out at our local YMCA and while that’s a great thing for my body, I can’t say the same for my mind.

I can’t stop feeling inferior to (and sickened by) the girls with the fab bods and perfect skin, wearing their cute little workout numbers, not a hair on their head is out of place, they know how to work all the machines and know every move in the aerobics classes.  Even worst of all though is they even have the nicest, whitest socks!  Why do socks matter?  Well, today’s workout involved taking off our shoes – I was surrounded by little ankle socks and socks with polka dots and some with those adorable little pompoms on them…

To give you an idea of how I stacked up against the other hip exercise ladies – my workout ensemble went a little something like this – sneakers I’ve had since college, socks that were once white but are now a shade of dirty white  and are thinning at the heels, a pair of old navy sweatpants that I had to cut the bottoms of so they weren’t so tight around my ankles, a bright pink maternity tank top that is super comfy and a gray sports bra that I’ve had since I played volleyball in high school.  Sexy huh?

I just never thought I would go to workout and leave feeling like I need to buy a whole new wardrobe just to get sweaty in – oh yeah and don’t forget the socks!  (Don’t worry Andrew I’m not going to go on a shopping spree – but I could use a few more workout pants – a few girls had on these really cute ones that cut off at the calf…)

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