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Selective Sweet Tooth

15 Oct

What kind of 3 year old picks and chooses candy?  It really is unbelievable.  I mean, when a pinata breaks – you’re supposed to go running like wild to the pile of candy, grabbing handfuls and shirtfuls so you get more than the other kids who are insanely collecting any piece of sugary goodness they can. Not our kid though.

Today we were at a costume/birthday party and after what felt like 30 minutes of kids swinging aimlessly in the air at the pinata – the candy finally spilled out on the grass.

While the other children dove on their hands and knees to attack the assortment – Nia calmly walked around the children – looking for the candy she wanted.

She chose some Runts, several lollipops, some Dots, Nerds – she left behind all the small stuff individually wrapped and I think Bottlecaps – which are pretty yummy.

This isn’t the first time her selective sweet tooth showed itself – at her 3rd birthday party we over-stuffed a pinata with an array of choices – even then she still strolled around everyone – picking only the pieces that pleased her.

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