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The Volvo has a Boo-Boo

8 Jun

So Andrew doesn’t even own the car for a week and someone rear-ends him while he was stopped at a red light!  No worries about Andrew – he was not hurt at all. Apparently, a guy driving a MAC truck with a flatbed trailer let off his clutch and hit the back of the Volvo.  It damaged the bumper and cracked a tail light.  $1000 to repair!  Now I know why people would always say not to hit a BMW, Volvo, Mercedes…

The guy who owns the truck totally has to pay for it.  It’s just crazy and kind of funny because Andrew has a terrible track record when it comes to cars.  (None of it is his fault he will be sure to tell you!)  He wrecked his so-new-it-was-built-for-him Chevy S10 ZR2 pickup before we made the first payment on it.  He totaled our first Chevy Malibu Maxx and now this!  We joke that every new car we get should go to me first.  So far, I’ve only wrecked one.  (Well, two if you count that rental car!)  Hopefully, I haven’t just jinxed myself!

Is that your Volvo?

2 Jun

I will never forget the day a lady in Savannah asked me that question.  I was coming out of a gas station when I saw her checking out my Chevy Malibu Maxx.  She thought it was a Volvo because I proudly advertise for Andrew by having a “Volvo Construction Equipment” vanity license plate on the front.  It was so funny when she asked, “Is that your Volvo?” because she seemed so impressed and really liked my car – then I told her – “No, it’s a Chevy.”

Well, now we can answer that question with a “Why yes, that stunning piece of machinery is my Volvo.”  Today, Andrew traded in the good ol’ Trailblazer for this sweet ride.

Loading up the kids for our first family cruise

What’s even better about how awesome it is – it’s going to save us a quite a bit of money each month (can you believe that?!?).  It’s such a great feeling to know we’ll be saving on payments and gas!  With Andrew driving 100 miles a day sometimes it was really getting sickening.

Finding this car and making the switch was anything but easy. For the past 3 weeks Andrew’s been researching Volvos and trying to find the perfect one for him.  He’s test driven so many and I know it was getting a little frustrating because he just wanted to be able to be done with it all and be confident with his choice.  Buying a used car is probably one of the most nerve-racking things to do – what if it just falls apart as soon as you get the keys?  At least with all the hard work Andrew put into this decision – I feel pretty sure that won’t happen.  (Knock on the Volvo’s wood paneling!)

I am just so proud of my Volvo man – not only because he now drives a car that’s freakin’ cool and classy – but because he does it wearing his South Park cheesy poofs t-shirt. He’s all mine!

Is that Your Volvo?

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