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Our Own Linus

9 Mar

Special Blankey

It doesn’t matter what Nate is doing – whenever he sees his blanket he immediately puts his thumb in his mouth and reaches for it with his other hand. I can barely get it washed – in fact, this picture was taken right after he grabbed at a small part of it that was sticking out of the hamper.  He knocked the hamper over and kept pulling until he finally had it in his grasp.  All of that pulling must have worn him out because as soon as he had it he flopped over and plugged his mouth.

It’s so sweet how powerful and comforting a favorite thing, like a blanket or doll, can be and it seems it provides a feeling/memory that stays with you forever.  I know I still miss my blankey (it was lost during one of my many visits to the hospital when I was little) and Andrew’s sister (I hope you don’t hate me after this) still is lucky enough to have a piece of her childhood blanket.  Did you have something you cherished too?  What happened to it?

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