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Priceless Sharpie® Stains

3 Mar

I’m sure I should care more when things in our house get marked up or stained. It’s not that I don’t respect property or our things, it’s just I’ve prepared myself that accidents happen. We even bought furniture knowing it was going to be “loved” by our family.

Besides, how can I be upset about these Sharpie® marks:

Sharpie Stain

Sharpie® Stain

When they were only left because Nate was drawing and coloring these precious portraits:

Andrew by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie® Andrew
Drawn by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie Nicole by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie® Nicole
Drawn by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie Nia by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie® Nia
Drawn by Nate (age 7)

Sharpie Self-Portrait

Sharpie® Self-Portrait

Picture Perfect

15 Nov

It’s an unfinished work of art and I love it. Nia’s depiction of our home and family may not capture the exact layout of our house or my current hair style but I think it beautifully captures a little girl’s view of her world and she drew it because she wanted to, not because it was assigned. One of my favorite Nia Originals.





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