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Grocery Store Confession

20 Mar

That’s where it happened. It’s where I confessed to Nia what goes on after I kiss her goodnight and shut the door to her room.

It all started because I remembered we needed chocolate syrup and Nia policed me, “That’s not on the list, Mommy.” I defended myself – saying that I knew it wasn’t but we needed to make an exception because I knew we were almost out. To that, Nia wondered, “Who’s been using it?”


I fessed up that it’s my nightly treat. That once she and Nate are tucked in, I chocolate milk it up. She thought I was joking and it must have made an impression on her because hours later, as I was saying night-night, she warned me, “I’m gonna sneak out of my room and catch you making chocolate milk!”

She didn’t but she may still surprise me one of these nights. I’ll be sure to have a second glass on hand to share.


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