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Worth the Price of Admission

3 Oct

I never thought I would remark that a place had so many fun things to do that it was almost too many. We recently took a short ride down to Loganville, Georgia to check out some farmland now home to fantastic games and activities called Corn Dawgs.

I believe the main attraction is the gigantic corn maze shaped like a Coca-Cola bottle but then there are also the random mazes on the ground to walk through, a unique ring toss game every so often to challenge each other at, horse-shaped swings, ziplines that Nate almost zipped off of, giant slides to scream down, a corn cannon that was bigger than the kids, a petting zoo (we avoided it though – one of the things we put aside over other activities), “whee-fun” jumping pillows and cool gem mining where every rock was cherished by Nia. There were just so many things for both parents and kids to enjoy.

If you live within a 30 minute or so drive, it is definitely worth checking out. They have areas divided for kids 6 and under and those above. Andrew and I got general admission armbands for $12 each (for the things labeled all ages) and we bought the kids the all-inclusive bands for $25 each. We spent a blast-filled four hours there. One hour was due to the awesome maze. One note of caution: don’t go in there hungry! We each took turns leading our family through the maze. That made it fun for everyone and gave us each a chance to praise – and heckle – the leader. If the leader lead us back to where we already were, the turn was over. Nate lead the longest but our Nia got us back to where we needed to be. Go, Bean!

Now that I think about it, I only got to lead once…

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