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I just realized…

13 Feb

After all that fashion show blog business, I just realized I forgot to tell you all how my dress compared to other ladies at the wedding!

Let’s just say, there was a mix.  There were short dresses, long dresses, skirts with nice tops, plain dresses and super fancy dresses with fur coats – oh yeah and several ladies with poofy feathers in their hair.  I forgot to tell you all that the groom is from England right?  Like 80 people or so came from over “the pond” (as I heard a few people say) and they came complete with feathers/hats and tails on their tuxes!  Oh yeah, and the great accent!  It was just lovely talking with them!

So, all in all, I was appropriately dressed!  Mine blended in quite well and showed no more skin than the bridesmaids (who got to pick out their own style of dress – they all had the same fabric and color but each wore a different style – it was really cool).

Just thought I’d give you that tidbit!

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